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Sober Spring: Seven Days to Go

Sober spring will be over exactly one week today. I will (hopefully) have completed the challenge and have made it 3 months sober for the first time since I began drinking at the tender age of 15. Wow. That feels huge! I’m incredibly proud to have committed to the challenge and humbled by the journey it has taken me on so far. I feel that my life has grown, my soul has been re-awakened, and I’ve reconnected with parts of my self I thought were long lost.

However, the question of what’s next has begun to creep in. 

When I set out to do sober spring, I had the three months in mind and that was it. I didn’t want to look beyond that because three months alone felt like a monstrous stretch of time to go without a tipple. Now that I’ve found so much peace and joy in sobriety, I can’t help but wonder if I’d be crackers to give that up. The thought of going back to the Paige before this challenge terrifies me (see my Throwback Thursday posts for a glimpse of what she was like). Yet in many ways, so does the thought of being sober forever.

The truth is, I know that no one would bat an eyelid if I did go back to drinking after sober spring. I think it’s expected by a few people. In the same way, I’ve been so lucky to have mountainous support from friends and family in my decision to quit booze, I know that I could also carry on with the teetotal life.

I have undoubtedly been happier, healthier and more motivated in sobriety. However, I can’t escape the truth that sober spring has coincided with lockdown, meaning that the temptation to spend a boozy afternoon in a beer garden hasn’t been present, and I haven’t had to face the challenge of turning down a night out. I’ve not had to “miss out” because we’ve all been “missing out” together.

For now, I feel the best thing for me to do is set another goal after sober spring which would be 100 days. After that, I think I’ll borrow some AA wisdom and take it one day at a time.

If anyone has any thoughts or advice on this that they would be happy to share, I’d be truly grateful!  💜

8 thoughts on “Sober Spring: Seven Days to Go

  1. A new goal sounds good to me! That way, you can see if you still like it a ways down the road. You know you like it now. This community will support you no matter what you decide. xoxo

  2. Well done! 👏👏👏👏 I did 100 days the first time I stopped and then thought I could drink moderately – fast forward a year and I was almost back to where I’d been before so I quit again – but that’s me and you are you and I think everyone has to decide their own parameters and be honest with themselves about whether they can moderate or do they drink to get drunk every time so it will always end up out of hand? Whatever you decide you have this experience to tell you how strong you are and that you can do whatever you want to! 💞💞

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! I think playing it forward is something that’s so useful and honestly, I don’t see myself as mastering moderation ever! My reading has shown me that a lot of people who quit and stat again often end up accelerating their unhealthy habits, which is a scary thought. The more I think about it, the more I think it’s a fear of social pressure to drink than an actual desire to drink which is something I need to untangle and work on. Thank you again for your kind words and support😊💜

  3. Congratulations on 3 months !!! What’s helpful for me is avoiding the all or nothing thinking (old Paige vs. sober FOREVER) and instead setting small goals like: what if I didn’t have to turn down that evening of going out, but tried going out sober just once, to see how it feels? etc. (now I am perfectly happy going out sober, dancing sober, etc. and I’m STILL 100% on the fence about the future. I just like practicing sober things in the present, and as long as I feel good, I keep doing what makes me feel good, leaving the future to future Anne 🙂 ). xxx <3 Anne

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely advice! I think that’s a really great way to approach sobriety and it’s certainly the “all or nothing” thinking that’s been causing me to panic. I’m absolutely going to take than on board and go with small, manageable goals. Thank you again, your help and support means a lot. 😊💜

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