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Sobering up in leaps and bounds

I recently found a saved message that I sent to my bestie around this time last year. In the message, I’m thanking her for her support and telling her that I agree I need to cut down on the partying. I admit that I feel deep unhappiness and that I think moving away from drinking will help me reconnect with my spiritual self. I don’t remember sending that message, but I know I was in a dark place when I did, and it was clearly starting to show.

Fast forward a year and things couldn’t be more different! I am happy, healthy, and going strong in my sobriety. I’ve discovered a whole other side to life, filled with daily magic and awe. Being boozeless has helped me to reclaim my weekends and fall in love with hangover-free early rises. I’ve found the quit-lit genre and become obsessed. I’ve connected with the absolutely inspirational sober community and watched both new and old relationships blossom. Most importantly, I no longer feel lost and out of control but grounded and with direction. The chaos has been calmed and I’ve found peace.

I have no idea what my life would currently look like if I hadn’t started this sober curious journey, but I am almost certain it would be nowhere near as bright and beautiful.

If you’re just starting on your sober journey, stick with it! There is so much to be gained and wonder to come.

4 thoughts on “Sobering up in leaps and bounds

  1. So inspirational… I hope people read it and give sobriety a chance. The peace is the best thing about it. When that comes along it makes it all worth while. It isn’t always there and you sometimes forget how lacking in peace life was before sobriety. I try to remind myself so that I don’t take it for granted. So glad you feel like this xxx

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