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A New Day

It’s 06:54 as I begin to write this and the inky blue sky outside is slowly beginning to lighten.

As I sit here, I am reminded of all the times the lightening of the sky was a signal to crawl into bed, exhausted, hungover and sad to have not been there sooner. I’m reminded of how far I was from the person I wanted to be: the kind of person who gets up early to exercise, who sips coffee because she enjoys it rather than needs it, who is excited by the mysteries of the day ahead rather than wishing it be over, the kind of person who is motivated by challenge and building themselves a solid future, the kind of person who eats fruit every day and always remembers to turn her straighteners off, the kind of person I am now.

With every early rise, every healthy meal, every yoga pose, and every book I read, I grow. I leave the shell of former me among the weeds and reach for the sunshine. I don’t plan to stop reaching anytime soon.

Have a beautiful Wednesday everyone.

Much love,

6 thoughts on “A New Day

  1. I have never been a morning person but had this probably unrealistic fantasy of me and hubs doing yoga stretches on our balcony when it gets warm again and we are months into this sobriety challenge….

  2. Fab post Paige. A few of us chat in a what’s app group to keep ourselves motivated to stay sober, healthy and try to keep up with yoga. Email me of you want to join us. Xx

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